This is because we are based in Europe and we use the Euro as our main currency. But you don't have to worry about this when paying for projects at Voiver.com. Paypal and credit card operators will automatically make the conversion so you'll be charged in your local currency.

In the future, we plan on adding a multicurrency feature so you'll be able to choose what currency you want to use.
No. All prices listed on Voiver.com reflect the total amount you will charged. There are no extra or hidden fees.
Rates are different depending on the voiceover talent because the voiceover talents are free to set their own rates. Voiver.com does not have any price guidelines or require a minimum or maximum rate. Each voiceover talent decides how much to charge.
Rates are set by the voiceover talent. Some voiceover artists have several rates depending on the type of project (i.e. explainer video, audio guide, radio ad, etc.). Other voiceover artists prefer to have flat rates for all of the project types. Again, Voiver.com does not have any price guidelines or require a minimum or maximum rate. Each voiceover talent decides how much to charge.


We need to be sure that the project is properly funded before the voiceover artist starts work on your project. However, your money is absolutely safe. We do not pay the voiceover artist until the project is successfully done. Otherwise, you’ll get your money back.
Once you submit your order and complete payment, you’ll be able to enter all the project requirements (such as a final script and instructions) so the voiceover artist can get to work. We will begin the countdown as soon as all these project requirements are provided.
The delivery of your audio depends on the voiceover talent. Each voiceover artists sets an estimated delivery time based on the length of the project. When you submit your order, you will know how much it will cost and how long it will take until your audio is delivered.
Yes. Revisions are free as long as they don’t involve changes in the given script. To avoid the revision request process, make certain you supply a final version of the script and be specific in your directions of the kind of delivery you seek. Also, it is sometimes easier if you ask the voiceover artist to provide several takes of that short and very important slogan, closing, or special phrase you want to be 100% certain sounds awesome. Many voiceover talents will accommodate your request and it will ensure that the project goes smoother and faster.
Voiceover artists are extremely committed to delivering quality audio on time and as expected. They are motivated by the opportunity of work, earning money, and the chance to increase their reputation. But in the event they don’t deliver, we will refund your money. You’ll be able to transfer it back to your bank account or hire someone else to complete your project.