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Simple process to hire voice-overs


Find voiceover talent

We have voice talents from all over the world, and they all have their own recording studios ready to deliver quality audio files within hours. Don’t waste your time waiting for bids or quotes anymore. find the voice you want and hire the artist straight away.


Order your project

Voiver allows you to find out in only one click how much each talent will charge you, and how long the recording will take, order your project and we will make sure your recording is successfully done (100% satisfaction guarantee). You can always ask for revisions at no extra cost.


Get your recording done

Get in touch with voice talents, directly and send them scripts and directions. Receive audio files, ready to use in your production, and ask for revisions for free. You won’t have to pay any future royalties. There are no hidden fees. Get your voice work done, and use it wherever you want.


Order your voice-over with confidence

We screen our talents to make sure your voice recording has a professional broadcast quality level. Once you order a project, your money is absolutely safe with us. We do not pay the voiceover artist until the project is successfully done and approved by you. You can asks for revisions at no extra cost as long as they don't involve changes in the script.

Our value proposition

Professional Voice Actors

At Voiver we only hire high skilled professionals with previous experience in the voice over industry. All of our actors love what they do and their passion is reflected in their work.


Want to hire a voice actor? Stop searching and take advantage of our experience. More than 5 years producing quality voice overs.


In the process of delivering the perfect voice over we work in total transparency with you. What we promise is what you get.

Fast turnaround

We know how frustrating can be to wait for a response; that is why at Voiver you will know from the very first moment how long will your voice-over recording take to be delivered. Most voice artists deliver in 24 hours and less.

Quality assurance

The quality of a voice over depends on many factors; having a talented voice actor recording in a proper studio always help but we take into consideration all the details to deliver outstanding voiceovers.

Satisfaction guarantee

We don’t stop working until you are 100% satisfied with the product. Our mission is to deliver the perfect voice over.

Satisfied customers

David Macias
Video producer

“After looking and looking all over the internet for a voice actor to hire, finally found Voiver. Working with them was a simple and smooth process. I wish I had found them sooner. Totally recommended!”

Jorge de Juan
Art director and copywriter

“As a professional copywriter for explainer videos I consider the voice over a key element in any production. Voiver provided me talented voice actors who understood perfectly what I needed. Now my explainer videos finally have the special touch I was looking for.”

Jota Ypunto
Creative director

“What I really like about Voiver is all the different voice actors that they have. Now I can hire voice artist with different profiles from all over the world. For someone who is constantly working with voice-overs this is truly saves me a lot of time. Also the quality of the audios are great!”

Voices delivered by pleased talents

Virginia Izquierdo

“I have been in the voiceover business for 18 years. After working with many agencies I think I have finally find a true business partner. I keep getting new clients every month. The methodology of work is efficient, transparent and friendly. Thank you Voiver!”

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